+/- The Important Thing Is to Love Lyrics

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My mama and daddy were celebrating their anniversary
In all their years together I'd never seen them disagree
I said mama what's your secret daddy tell me the truth
They laid a little wisdom on me that I've carried ever since my youth
If you hold on to love too tight it'll crumble and crack
If you hold on to love too loosely it'll fly away and won't come back
Love has a mind of it's own it'll dance like a kite on a string
For something that can be so strong love is a fragile thing love sure is a fragile thing
They said your mama and your daddy ain't perfect son we made our share of mistakes
But we never go to bed when either one's mad no matter how long it takes
We sit up and talk things over till we work everything out
We kiss goodnight and in the morning we've forgotten what we argued about
If you hold on to love...
True love is a treasure treat it like it is
And then one day you can say to your own kids
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