Four Year Strong The Infected Lyrics

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The sun burnt out today
Tomorrow's just another day
So far away
When everything's so cold and gray
Awake in a daze
Time has seemed to change my face
Look away, look away
I was ugly like you yesterday

Reinvent me
Don't panic
You're getting too close
It's contagious
It's turning you into
Everything that you've hated
Destroyed and created
The infected

I'm making history
I swam across the seven seas
And I scraped my knees
From bowing down to royalty
So face to face
In the mirror stares my enemy
'Cause all I see
Instead of me
Is just another ****ing casualty

Reinvent me
You're a fake
Lost your heart

Can I take you back to when it was real
When you cared about the way that I feel

Written by: Alan Day, Dan Ou0027connor, David Jonathan Bendeth
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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