Damh the Bard The Land of the Ever Young Lyrics

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I thought that I'd never see,
All the wonder and mystery,
All around me, around me,
Then I met the Spirit of the Stag,
And I climbed upon his back,
When her found me, he found me.

And Now, I can never return,
To the way I once had been,
For I have been to the Land of the Young,
Take my hand, Follow me,
Hear our song....

Come with me and I'll take you away,
To the Land of the Ever Young,
Through the hills to the home of the Fey,
Where the air is warmed by the Sun,
It's all around just listen,
And I will take you there.
Take you there.

I felt the power of the sea,
Of Manannan's great City,
All around me, around me,
Then I swam deep among Apple trees,
The tide like the gentle breeze,
All around me, around me.

I raise my feathered wings,
Hear the wind and the song she sings,
All around me, around me,
And I know the freedom of the skies,
Up here where the Seagull flies,
All around me, around me.

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