Rahowa The Last Battalion Lyrics

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Carpe diem, delenda est judaica ...

Dreadful legions march with doom,
Dark force under winter moon;
Army of the righteous cause,
Legacy written in the stars.

Ashes smolder with untamed fire,
Waiting for ascension;
Onslaught rising from the mire,
Destined for redemption.

Praytell the sacred lore,
The dark side is keeping score,
The battle fought once more,
The cult of the holy war ...

Shrieking winds of forgotten souls,
Born again from unquenched coals;
Death - he rides a furious stallion,
At the fore of the last battalion ...
Winter night of feverish hate,
Epoch of confusion;
Steel crashes chaotic state,
Blood spills life infusion.
Cult of the Holy War Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Preludium in G
  • 2 Man Against Time
  • 3 When America Goes Down
  • 4 March of the Dead
  • 5 Hall of the Heroes
  • 6 In the Fires of 1945
  • 7 The Last Battalion
  • 8 Anvil of Crom
  • 9 Might Is Right
  • 10 RAHOWA
  • 11 God Is Dead
  • 12 The Snow Fell
  • 13 Ode to Dying People
  • 14 [silence]
  • 88 Outro
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