Salamandra The Last of All Lyrics

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Sitting on riverside
Time has paused for him now
Watching strong stream of joy
Waning faraway

Shadows of leaning trees
Buried his misery
Tried to find his way home
Sailing away no more

Comfort and peace no more and no rush anywhere
Conscience runs from no one doesn't run from you

Facing too much
Vice time after time
Found what looked for
Too long being there all alone

Million stars or some more
Shine above tired head
No attempt to count all
Blazing in the sky

This is why he turns in ceasing his wandering
Hiding tears in his eyes found a silent place

Never lost hope
Trusting all his dreams
Would he go for
Chair instead of throne made of gold

Screaming in silent night
Touching past history
And the darkest deep night's
Slowly falling down

Have them carry you away
On the wings of fantasy
Draw a deep breath and start
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