Rich Boy The Madness Lyrics

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Yo *****s gon learn **** a ****in d boi squad **** a ****in rich boi this is tha gad darn conciter you ******s and all you ******s gotta do is pick this mutha ****in cotton. Squad.

Ey, I'm in that phantom askin for that grey pupone look at my arm ***** you see tha charm ***** sweet home alabama yea I love a I still tryda hugger even tho she ain't my color now I'm ****in wit that butta I'm tha head chief I would front cha home boi but ain't nuttin left its mo to it then that mutha ****in bling see I got enough heart to march with martin luther king I got them killas right by me and we can have a party if you *****s wanna try me surprise I even got some fire works fo ya pop the trunk get the gift side let me show ya *****s treat that coke like a joke them cokaine sentence like a murder up in coke pinky ring like a buncha snow flakes yea I put that weight down now its real estate boi

Tell me whatcha no about me boi that's me ima mutha ****in d boi
Tell me whatcha no about me boi that's me ima mutha ****in d boi
Yea south go d boi yea south go d boi yea south go d boi yea south go d boi
If it ain't the truth then my ***** don't write it 9 years from today my uncle main got indited I thank god for the hard times wanna suffer he protect me like amoda ***** now I'm tuffa can't forget aboutcha poo but I still see ya I'm at the grave yard every day I can't leave ya I feel ya soul when I'm write'n wit tha pen **** what them *****s sayin you my brother till then ( ***** ) save a spot from the tear god I'm comin *****s killa for that money but they leave here with nothin if its a game motha ****er I'm a win it as far as I'm concerned ain't no competition in it call me the gritty green cause I want a lot now I'm buyin mama better thangs then what she got so bringa getcha **** we gotta new house congratulations cause your son made a million wit is mouf

Chorus 2x

This is for my mutha ****in pa *****s my mutha ****in orange grove *****s my mutha ****in roger william *****s from french quota to queen cole ***** my motha ****in g street *****s my mutha ****in d.i.p *****s we already no every mutha hood n mobile n motha ****n birdsville all that good **** off in the ****in backwoods they still hatin
Rich Boy Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Madness
  • 2 Role Models
  • 3 Boy Looka Here
  • 4 Throw Some D’s
  • 5 What It Do
  • 6 Good Things
  • 7 Hustla Balla Gangsta Mack
  • 8 Touch That Ass
  • 9 On the Regular
  • 10 Gangsta (interlude)
  • 11 Get to Poppin
  • 12 And I Love You
  • 13 Lost Girls
  • 14 Ghetto Rich
  • 15 Let’s Get This Paper / Balla Life
  • 16 Throw Some D’s (remix)

  • Written by: Eddie Richards
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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