Aashiq Al Rasul The Messenger Lyrics

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Ya RasulAllah

Ya RasulAllah
Ya HabibAllah
Ya NabiAllah
Ya ShafeeAllah
O Messenger of God
Most caring most kind
Sent to us as a Mercy for all mankind

Born in Makkah
All mankind did you save
From ignorance and sin
To a state of beauty


That day will arrive of your intercession
Conversing with The Lord
For the sake of your nation
The Sultan of Madinah Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Sultan of Madinah
  • 2 Jewel of Creation
  • 3 Intercession
  • 4 The Journey
  • 5 The Messenger
  • 6 Madinah-Tun-Nabi
  • 7 Beloved
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