Icarus The Owl The Monster Within Lyrics

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There's a monster
Crawling underneath my skin
It lives in the back of your mind

What are values
When it's only you and me
Fighting for the rest of our lives?


Don't be afraid of all the fiction in what I do
When no one answers, you're moving on and moving out The games we play are set up only so you lose
When all the cancer ate up his body, it broke me down

There's a place where
We all go when the light is taken
Away from the white of our eyes

It's not heaven,
It's the flat lands
There's a field there
Where we spend most of our lives

Do you ever really learn?
All your problems are
Self induced with easy solutions


All true men are monsters
A man can't help himself
We can hide all we want
We are shackled by diplomacy and moral police

Soon enough the skin will break and let all our demons out
They will take our inhibitions hostage and if the demands are not met,
We become who we are
We will fall apart


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