Vandaveer The Nature of Our Kind Lyrics

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It was half-past can't say when
Been to Hell and back one weekend
No, Death was a dim-witted soul
Lo! But he wasn't grim
Asked if we could meet again
Some other time, another place
Oh, no, it wasn't cheating
Just the nature of competing
I was simply twisting fate
Oh, with a new moon dripped a steady stream
I knelt and watched my face
Caught the last train north, way up north
With the cold wind giving chase
Oh, all the night was clear
The air was crisp and clean
The great beyond all pistol black, the white serene
Oh, when morning broke
We woke to such a scene
Well, I stumbled round for days and days
Walked my shadow to the ground
Well, I stirred the waking sun
But I was not the only one
With bloody fists or blistered tongue
Well, a thousand points of light cut through
The great storm in the sky
Sunbeams somersaulting down
At twice the speed of light
On her hands criss-crossed
All the clocks on the walls told different times
And the cheap red wine splayed all the tiny
Fragments in my mind
Oh, the caterwaul of crooked little chimes
Ringing out of tune
Yes, ringing out of time
Oh, the symphony!
The cracking of the trees
The crashing of the waves
The quaking underneath our feet
All in perfect pitch and key
Just the nature of our kind

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