Cadence Weapon The New Face of Fashion Lyrics

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I think we need to talk, brother
I seen you at the club, you cut those jeans with a boxcutter
That ain’t a natural rip or tear
I don’t get why you're trying to fix your hair

Dunks are dead when I fucking say so
My good friends, they no longer go to Halo
Cause people there look at you without choices
Your clothes seem a lot like your voices
And that don’t sit well, you usually stand
Take your gloves off if you ain’t using your hands
I do the Cadence Stomp, I swear it’s the best dance
Rappers give up, they all wear sweatpants
Colored bandanas and oversized jerseys
They rock the same steez even when they’re over 30
But that red on black number about gun culture
Makes me not wanna tell the cops, gosh!
I wear pink unironically
And wave my big fist at my friend androgyny
I am the ironic black at your fake Cobrasnake
House party, color me Moriarty

Very fashionable miss
I think that you’re very fashionable miss

Girl, don’t try and cop me a call
If what you rock’s from some shop that they got in the mall
You probably shouldn’t have bought that at all
Do you have any respect for yourself? Not at all
My apologies, I worked at a thrift store
Your style is dead, brought you flowers from the gift store
Hipster, scenester, I don’t care like Weez-L
But I’d feel like an ad if my shirt said Diesel
I’m not a Kid Millionaire, I pass rockets
While you pay a few bills for some hooks on your ass pockets
It’s just another cash crop
Busting in the crib like Trudeau wearing an ascot
My dear, it’s an art to see your pants drop
Give ‘em a little run, they get big headed like a mascot
You’re on the hustle bus but it’s your last stop
Have-nots worry, they all scurry ‘til the math drops

Very fashionable miss
I think that you’re very fashionable miss

Heavy drinkers, we bump the Heavy Blinkers
We don’t do much and we don’t do Much
We’ll use them but they won’t use us
Cause these little girls won’t come for free
With Nudie Jeans and chaste face paint
They game break, within all the tastes that they make
They hate, anyone that looks different
They contradict, they remind me of good prisons
No decisions, you know why they call it a catwalk
Cause it’s a thin line from which many in the past dropped
You cast offs, cut outs, misshapes
I’d rock a lampshade if I could get some fixed pay
They wanna blow up like Rick James
Until designers run through and they give them the ixnay
It’s a sick game, but I know girls that play it
They slang power-u to the dudes that say this

Very fashionable miss
I think that you’re very fashionable miss

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