Face of Evil The Nocturnal Ride Lyrics

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Night must fall, night of sin
Restless virgin in tormenting heat
Hungry sighs, finger slips in and out
Languishing, imploring - Satanically bewitched
A venus-spell is spoken to realize the mortal crave
For the veiny, the savage, invisible host
Gloria p****; transito de v***** Vulgaris in nomine Satanas
The haunted s***** becomes a living toy

By the bedside stands a lovely candelabra
Seven witching wicks in silent conspiracy
When they burn, the abyssmal flames invite an unseen fiend
Between the thighs, where one candle resides, wax transforms
Into incubusflesh
Seeds of death and desecration - scorn from Hell
An empty womb awaits the seminal curse e**********
Perverted fertility rites - forbidden l*** in the maiden's chamber
Secret, nocturnal ride

Candelabra - sorcery and black witchcraft confined in thee
Candles to illuminate, to chase the dark, to m*********

Deep inside the uteros
A growth spawned from the Satanseed
Injected by the unseen...
Impregnated, a devil's mark suddenly appears
Between the unkissed's swolling, milkdistended t***
Desecrated and blasphemed, inseminated
And defiled at the age of thirteen

When the time of deliverance has come
After nine months of inhuman plagues
A visitor from beyond hell's gates will transcend
Only to tear the newborn from the mother's arms

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