Unbunny The Path Lyrics

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You are the one who claims to know him so well
Carry out his will when convenient is the way
He was created in the image of yourself
But you wouldn't recognize him if he walked alone
In fact you'd be the first one to throw the stone
Not realizing he was your own

Proving your devotion for an hour every week
While stepping on the backs of all the other sheep
Following the path of responsibility
While hiding from the kind that would truly set you free
You're obviously scared of that kind of honesty
You want advice - don't look to me

Defending an idea that's beginning to grow thin
From all of the directions everybody's looking in
Easy comes the critic to the one who has so much
All the phony history you're using as a crutch
But there's one thing i'm forgetting and the saying goes as such
"judge not others, lest you be judged"

Typist Track Listing
  • 1 Entrance
  • 2 The Path
  • 3 Landscape Typing
  • 4 X
  • 5 Typist
  • 6 Ginger Tussle
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