Fall of the Idols The Pathway Lyrics

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A new day for the fallen
The end chosen
The Pathway is open
Mortal struggles collide with fear
Dawn of mourning is drawing near
Shades of the world are bleeding dry
Storm approaches, devours mankind

Men fleeing necessity
Praying for forgiveness
Blinding light of desolation
Man's own extermination

The balance is broken, no sacrificial lamb to save us all
Bigotry and ignorance, tenets of our fall
As the frail veil of life is torn, with relentless scorn
All that was will perish as the pitch-black night falls
A breeze of hope dying away
Still present in debris and decay
A void of silence is all that's left
Among the ones in the cities of dead

It all comes down cold, for it is the order of things
We burned bright with passion, to the very end
The marvels we made lost in the sands of time
So many thoughts just echoes in the wind
And in the endless sleep we return back to it all...
Halls carved from human bone
Army of death on eternal march
As time turns and loses meaning
World shatters and is forever lost

Embrace the end

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