Waco Jesus The Putrid Few Lyrics

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What the f___
They just can't understand
The world we f___in live in
Our hatred of all women
Here's my response
f___ you
I extend both middle fingers
To every m_________er
You think we give a s___
f___ your opinion
Anti this pro that
It's all the f___ing same to me
The mainstream the opposition
Sellouts the enemy
All you f___ers fall in line
And open up your mouths
Eating up what they s___ out
All this talk about
A perfect f___ing global blueprint
s__ual abstinence,Social dialectic bullshit
I just want to f___ every c___
That f___ing moves
Everyday alcohol abuse
All these bands think I care
About their f___ing stance
On ideology or f___ing foreign policy
That s___'s a joke. I have the antidote
Pass the bowl get me f___in stoned
You say you stand for what
We don't give a f___
Brainwashed by bullshit
Keep it f___ing suck
Not politically correct
Outcasts nonconformists
Tolerance the cause
Acceptance the effect
I have the solution
Tell these m_________ers
To shove it up their a__
We're the putrid few
Shove it up their a__
We don't give a f___
If you hate us
Don't buy our s___
Mission accomplished!!!

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