Obtained Enslavement The Shepherd and the Hounds of Hell Lyrics

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bathes in the blood-red setting sun
A pale man dressed in cape,
walking on the field alone
His rod is dragged
along the soil he walks upon
The flame that once burned in his eyes
is now forever gone
he feels his spirit weaken.
Has he been abandoned by his god?
His body lies crawled up to a fire that
is burning through the night
Why so vulnerable,
why so filled with fright?
What is that this man is hiding?
What cross does he bare?
Why does he follow
the sound of dogs howling?
What is it that he fears?
The howling is the Hound of Hell
released on earth
The Shepherd failed - the flock is free
to roam in a realm they call their own
They bring temptation,
as the snake that tempted me
In an Eden of such beauty,
you will never see


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