Palehorse The Shower Lyrics

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False arrest
Carwash of cigarettes and bourbon stench
False friends revoltingly … alarmingly undressed
Slippery, stained fingers, slip-slide and clench

Happy hour?
Happy hour?!
Unhappy disaster
Scratching grooves into flesh, to what end?
Unloved one’s love bodies in plaster

You’re shuddering? Take my scarf
Ungrateful. Go home, you’re drunk
Or another? Fuck, why not?
We’re fucking dripping, and we’ve got what we’ve got

The shower
No story
It’s fucking cold
In the shower

Limp spaghetti
Jeans over handrail
Creaking floor

Sucking on dead dry dirt
Sand teeth tectonic cracks

Deep stitched in tongue
Stillborn helix neck to spine

Limp wrist, waist of a stranger
Coughing of the neighbour
Underwear, everywhere
Underwear, everywhere

Hairbands, tins with ash
Shaft of light, lids collapse

Hairbands, tins with ash
Shaft of light, lids collapse

Where is the shower?
Where is the shower?

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