Kyle Fischer The Slow Drag Lyrics

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Once again, once again we see twilight through to its end. Our hearts have shrunk, the band plays on the noon-day song and we're dancing with who brung us along, without a backward glance. Every day should end like this one. This night won't expire, but lightly sheds our bated breaths.

The dark draws taut, it's been jerked from both ends. The tension sings, but we're not listening. We've sweat ourselves paper-thin, lost weight we'll never find again.

I'm not happy where I'm going, I'm not glad of where I've been. I'm not happy where I'm going - every day should end like this one.

Once again, once again, the song stops short and we keep swaying. The sun has sunk and the light has gone. Our hearts have shrunk, this record's done. I'm not happy. Lyrics © BUG MUSIC O/B/O LONEY TUNES

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