White Town The Story of My Life Lyrics

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I finished the story of my life
About three a m last night
It's the best thing I've ever read
And though the start seemed to drag
You know the middle really wasn't bad
And the end turned out okay

If I had to edit anything
I might reign those chapters in
I spent miserable and afraid
But you know I love the book as a whole
I wouldn't mess around with it's soul
Pull a thread and it might come undone
Peek & Poke Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Why I Hate Drugs
  • 3 Duplicate
  • 4 Every Second Counts
  • 5 Anyway
  • 6 In My Head
  • 7 Bunny Boiler
  • 8 She Left for Paris
  • 9 Theme for Alan Mathison Turing
  • 10 I'm Alone
  • 11 The Story of My Life
  • 12 Excerpts From an Essay
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