Cæcilie Norby The Tears of Billie Blue Lyrics

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The tears of Billie Blue
as fine as flowers´morning dew
as frail as dying b***erflies
That's how she cries
A young, naive and long legged girl
Lost in this world:
She loved him endlessly
Thought "Book of Heart" was ABC
Cause every word was poetry in her ears:
He said: "You're the almighty angel I just longed for
A powerful princess I want to write songs for.."
And so she listened.......
Could not resist him.......
Imagine kissing........
And one fine day she´d tell him:
"...mine, oh mine, he's only mine"
Girl, blue-eyed girl
Struggling hard to solve Life's strange mysteries
Girl, foolish girl
Slave yourself and make a king of him
Soul, unwise soul
Loose yourself not once, not twice but always
Girl, lonely girl
Somewhere over the rainbow
Out of the shadow - like in a song -
your prince will come
Still loves him endlessly
No magic fairies 1-2-3
But Billie´s smiling
Inside she's crying so sad
And that´s why
she always stays blue
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