Valefor The Tears of Isolation Lyrics

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I vomited my anger to the world
Saved my loneliness inside
To nobody can take it from me
Hearken the voice of Valefor
To save me in it's kingdom.
I refuged my loneliness silently
It showed me my way, lightened it
Loneliness of my soul brought me to death,
One step closer...
I reached the endless pain
When my last breath.
Screams of Suicide Track Listing
CD-R 1
  • 1 Silent Melancholy
  • 2 Screams of Suicide
  • 3 Lifes Belongs to Darkness
  • 4 The Tears of Isolation
  • 5 Death Smelling Loneliness
  • 6 Cursed Ceremony
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