Emery The Terrible Secret Lyrics

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Pave these streets with open arms. It's always you we have waited on. The skin. the taste. the drug. the need. I am asking(telling) you, don't leave. Erase the lines that we have drawn. It's always you we have waited on and waited on and on and on. These are our words that fill these mouths. But all the letters of the alphabet could never spell it out. These palms and frames that we tear through. To cling to something bigger than the failed attempts at you. Wait. wait. wait. I don't want to see.Wait. wait. wait. I am not the person anyone would want to be. The perfeect shoes with the matching clothes, It is the lie we are always told. But nothing masks the shallow touuch. Like saying words that cost so much, While you are an addict to the need. To find yourself a way to breathe. The sex. the purge. the vein. the look. To replace feelings that we have took. Perfection. it is perfection. but never quite enough and never could disguise. The drugs to make it stay. The wanting in your eyes. The money that you spent. But you are still an accident. We are more than words that fill our mouths. Drink with eyes that tell us the answers that we need. Wait here until you leave. Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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