Sacred Steel The Torch of Sin Lyrics

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Born within the heart of rock'n'roll - heaviness
Implanted in a horde of hungry souls - starved to death
Torn out from the dark into the light - a force revealed
Torn apart the lies you've had inside - by black steel

It is done - the plague is unleashed
It is done - we broke the seal

We bear the torch - the torch of sin
As hymns of praise to steel we sing
We bear the torch - black fires rage
The torch of sin - it burns to light our ways

Have you heard the voice of steel within - it is there
Have you ever felt the touch of sin - tempting - fair
Are you sure you have not seen the light - see it shine
The torch of sin is burning in the night - heed the sign

Does satan hold the future of us all - I think not
Who pulls the strings - are we doomed to fall - d___ed by god
We don't care - we just do what we please - in this hell
Don't need a cure for what you call disease - f___ yourself

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