Game Theory The Waist and the Knees Lyrics

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Cozify with the lip-tied mind
Beckmanns by the enlistment line
Got to be small when target times come
Got to be smart while acting dumb
Son I think your learning don't seem right
Sleep under the floor at night
Feeling sicko hang on sloop john
Ugliest trip I've ever been on
We'll follow those dreams we're going to have each
Small and literal, well within reach
And not a sicker fantasy dreamed of
No excuse for love
Trade all the forward brain for a needle of novocaine
Going to be reconciled and when they give you an inch
You'll take the inch with a smile
Going to get hold and no one leaves
Going to get cold and most will freeze
Going to get folded into threes
Until you bend at the waist and the knees
Oh pal Joey, we're losers we know
It's written on our hair and clothes
We've seen the rings of smoke through the trees
We're how all the words go

Ollie and Stan for all seasons we know
I couldn't face this heaven alone
Agreement made this day with the undersigned, no one twisting his arm
Company shall be referred to as 'special friend,' and
Shall not be held
Liable for moneys owed the retired vaudeville performers guild or the
American operatic wire recording archive society, and
Shall not be held
Liable for loss due to theft, misplacement, impulse
Buying, poor sportsmanship
Birth of multi-headed infant, hubby red-faced after
Bizarre weight-loss
Ritual, it shall be remembered by the undersigned, no
One wins by being
Over the ceiling rain
And no place left that I know to drain
Cutting the signal flow
You can dress as you like there's still no place you can go
Going to get hold and no one leaves
Going to get cold and most will freeze
Going to get folded into threes
Until you break at the waist and the knees
Fire across the temple and out the rear, motor skill
And low muscle stopped
No one knows how to make it stop, I hope I can wake up

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