Backfire! The Way I Live Lyrics

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people say i must change my ways
i can't keep on living from day to day
i've got to think of what lies ahead
cause i might end up with regret
but i won't waste no f___ing time
cause i've seen things change so radically
and happiness became misery
through this last years one thing i've learned
you never know when the tables turn
that's why i live from day to day
i can't live for tomorrow
'cause i don't know what may come my way
gonna live life to the fullest
and be grateful for every day
try to enjoy all the good things life will give
and i know that's the way i'll always live
through good and bad i will keep movin' on
no matter what i will overcome
Still Dedicated Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Waiting for My Time
  • 2 Trapped in the Maze
  • 3 Don't Stay
  • 4 The Way I Live
  • 5 I Remember
  • 6 Freedom
  • 7 There's a Difference
  • 8 Don't Wanna Die Young
  • 9 No Turning Back
  • 10 Buried in the Fields
  • 11 Leave It Behind
  • 12 Still Dedicated
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