N2Deep The Weekend Lyrics

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Now let me take you on a trip
You betta get a grip partner
We movin' fast, my homie got his foot on the gas
We ride, slip side high fiving around
We in the 707 ho, you know the V-town
Cause all that thumpin and pumpin is like hurtin my back
But don't turn it down, because I like it like that
And in fact you can even turn it up some
Make it hit like a motherfuckin shotgun
I'm kinda twisted, I've been like this all day
But it's the weekend though, so I'm feeling okay
Dre, 55 ? going down to LA ?
We see two tight ? who said they knew me
I said what's up and ran my game kinda hard on em
Because they both had a lot of backyard on em
But ?

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CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Toss-Up
  • 3 Back to the Hotel
  • 4 Do tha Crew
  • 5 The Weekend
  • 6 Get Mine
  • 7 V-Town
  • 8 Ya Gotta Go
  • 9 Comin’ Legit
  • 10 Mack Daddyz
  • 11 The Revenge of Starchild
  • 12 Shakedown
  • 13 What the Fuck Is Goin’ On?
  • 14 N2Deep (We’re Who?)
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