Hail the Sun There's Plenty Of Fish In The Sea (Too Bad You're Not A Fish) Lyrics

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I've realized I was out of line
Every single time I bullied you to talk to me
My heart starts to control my mind
Thinking of the time that I last said goodbye
Reminding you you're the only one for me

Oh no!
Your scent is on my clothes
And I'm suffocating in it
The word beautiful doesn't do you justice
The word beautiful doesn't do you justice at all!

The word mesmerized doesn't do me justice
This magnetic pull I feel between just us

You might think I was joking
When I kept asking
Where you kept your wings
It's killing me to know
That I might have to let you go

On the street, that day we met
Right then you grabbed my soul
And took it to the greatest place it'd ever know

I melt when your eyes are on me
Stop it can't you see
You're weakening my knees
Your hair looks perfect in the breeze
I hold your hand and squeeze
Suddenly I beg you please
Can I turn away?
My mouth is open wide
And out come the butterflies

I overreact in fear
I overreact in fear
But that's no excuse for my actions

Guess who chose (guess who chose)
To want nothing more
Just know you had my love (you had my love)
You had my love

(I wonder how you are)
(Was this your way to get it through your head)
You've done things that others cannot undo

You know that I adore you
But I think we've reached the peak
You're trapped in the debris
You're perfect how you are
You're the wish that shooting stars
Help come true
Fourteen months ago
I would never know
That you'd mean so much to me

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