Badly Drawn Boy This Beautiful Idea Lyrics

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If ask me to cast you lay
I would say dont never ask me againe
Then i imagine you walk away
Thats what i want , so thats okay
Promside dont have know what say
Can help me to face the morning
Ohh life out of time
But i want to share you with mine
Ohh life out of time
Strange things that hapening inside
Its can a take the little time
I dont care about things you wear

It’s What I’m Thinking, Part One: Photographing Snowflakes Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 In Safe Hands
  • 2 The Order of Things
  • 3 Too Many Miracles
  • 4 What Tomorrow Brings
  • 5 I Saw You Walk Away
  • 6 It’s What I’m Thinking
  • 7 You Lied
  • 8 A Pure Accident
  • 9 This Electric
  • 10 This Beautiful Idea
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