Bad Veins This Ending Lyrics

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When I was a kid years ago
Wide eyed with a future slow
You tried to get me to change my view
And I saw what ignoring dreams would do
There was a time it was hard to see

Shine a little light down on you and me
I see my life in passing years
And I don't want to still be right here
So how well can you see this ending
How much will you take before you break

How far will you go knowing what you
Know now so how well can you see this ending
You were a little scared and I bet
You haven't made up your mind just yet
You're not alone but it's hard to tell

Cause everybody else hides so well
I've having trouble knowing who to trust you shine
A little light down on us I've got to find a way
Through the maze I want to go to sleep and sleep for days
Bad Veins Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Found
  • 2 Gold and Warm
  • 3 Crosseyed
  • 4 You Kill
  • 5 Afraid
  • 6 The Lie
  • 7 Falling Tide
  • 8 Dry Out
  • 9 This Ending
  • 10 Go Home

  • Written by: Benjamin Wayne Davis

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