Career Soldiers This Generation Lyrics

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This generation is full of f___ing cowards,
Selling their souls by the hour.
Advertisement blindfolds in front of their eyes,
Taught to question nothing and live the lie.
You value things that are absurd,
Materialistic ideals in the suburbs.
The world is full of war, hate, and innocent cries,
There is more to life than the things you buy.

f___ you and your so called values.

Kids controlled by dollar signs,
Advertise to keep them blind.
What have we done?
f___ the lying corporations,
And my ignorant generation.

Down the street, a mile away,
A woman was beaten and robbed today.
No one seems to give a f___,
Hate still remains and we're out of luck.
What matters most to you is getting paid,
A suit and tie marching towards your grave.
Your compassion amounts to f___ing s___,
We're at the world's end the fuse has been lit.

Think twice about everything that you're told,
Take a good look around this f___ed up world.
Don't play their one sided, bigoted games,
Let's put these f___ing b______s to shame.
I won't forget about the things that truly matter,
f___ where I am on the social ladder.
I may stand alone but I will stand for what is right,
Never let my enemies our of sight.

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