The Alarm This Is Life (Get Used to It) Lyrics

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We started out with the best intentions
But not everything turned out the way it should for both of us
As the whirlwind blows through this house we built
The lawyers and the a___ysts move in for the kill
This is life get used to it

We dishonour the truth yet we love the bullshit
The house makeovers and the lifestyles of the rich and famous
And if you can't keep up then you're left to rot
And no Gold card or privilege pass can get you off
This is life get used to it

A war's going on that's what's going on
While we've been asleep our neighbours have become our enemies
This is life get used to it
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  • 2 Without a Fight
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  • 4 Raindown
  • 5 It’s Alright / It’s OK
  • 6 Be Still
  • 7 This Is Life (Get Used to It)
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  • 9 Zero
  • 10 Something’s Got to Give
  • 11 I Never Left I Only Went Away
  • 12 Few and Far Between
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