Lil’ Kim This Is a Warning Lyrics

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Yo I just don't understand
Lately, it seems like I don't know
It just seems like it seems like
Everybody wants

My style, my life, my blood
My shoes, my clothes, my gear
My watch, my rings, my chain
My cars, my money, my home
My body, my sweat, my tears
My power, my fame, my strength
My ****, my this, my that
*****es, please!

If you don't stop;
Someone's gonna find yo' *** dead (this is a warning)
Someone's gonna poison your food (this is a warning)
Someone's puttin' tags on your toes (this is a warning)
Someone better pray for you (this is a warning)
Someone's gonna get yo' keys (this is a warning)
Someone's gonna open your door (this is a warning)
Someone's gonna creep in your house (this is a warning)
And put the } straight in your, mouth
This is a woman's, threat (this is a woman's)

Have you ever heard the story, about the M.A.F.I.A. tip
See Big Poppa was shot, a long long long long time ago
And when he was killed, he left me with the throne
And now it seems like, everyone wants my blood


Don't stop, no no
You'll be sorry
Keep doin it, you'll see
You'll be cryin
I know, whatchu doin
'Cause I'm watchin

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