Lady Pank This is only rock'n'roll Lyrics

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What's that you've got?
What's that you've got inside?
I've got my music
You know it gets me by
Turn on the radio
Turn my troubles away
It's my drug
That's going to eat me someday

King of guitars
Falling from the sky
There's so many
Why not give it try?
Hits of the radio
Small boy's fantasy
Some say: "who cares
What it really means"

'Cause it's only rock and roll
Nothing more
Only rock and roll
Rock and roll
Nothing more

Travelled so fast
Need something to hold on to
Their, so much
Sit back inside with you
So turn on the radio
Turn it way up high
It's so easy
And you know it gets me by

And it's only rock and roll...

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