El Gant feat. Chris Webby & Ill Bill Three Amigos Lyrics

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I'm fuckin' up with the boys in the hood
You forgot I was misunderstood
Fate tastes great , mixed with all
I am starvin' and you act like you are God
You are not, ' know the facts
Talkin' on the Internet whenever you hit the sack
Chess games,what's your brain called?
Passin' all the legends
Don't try to stop me
Don't stop me
I'll get your neck to destroy the plastic
For the record,we are the best now
I'll hit you with the mic
To give you automatic 'mouth

I don't fuck around, fuck around
I'm going down and I'm teaching you all to stunt, alright?
Because they know as soon as I hit the mic
I have the whole spot down
So I will gain speed and bumps all night
We're fuckin sick
I swear I'm coming down, bitch
You can check my horoscope
It says I'm more than free to go
Get my phone charger and strangle you with the cable and choke
I'm fully, totally out of my mind, bro
Who the fuck are you to tell me that I'm not a psycho?

I don't fuck around,
I don't fuck around

So maybe these are Supremes
I turn the ladies into freaks
Call the police, I'll destroy everything
Listen to the mystery
We're the all controllers
You don't need a control eater to meet with the 44 heater
Lay the fuck down on the ground
You love it
You won't even know when we'll hit you , like now

I don't fuck around
I don't fuck around
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