Ed Cash Through God's Eye's Lyrics

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There's a homeless man on the corner
Trying to get by holding a sign
There's a little girl in a field
Blowing on dandelions
There's a bullet hole in the stomach
Of a kid who got caught in the way
There's a park full of children
Working hard at play
Some got it good, some got it bad
If you judge it by the world
We don't have the choice
If it's the bullet hole or the girl
But if we hold our hearts up high
And see this world through God's Eyes
Hold our hearts up high
And we will never have to wonder why
There's a little baby in the playpen
There's a soldier waiting for war
There's a family out having a good time
There's a drug addict dying for more
Tears of joy and tears of sadness
Filled across the earth
And they've been coming to us
Since the time of birth

Life just ain't fair if we try to compare
Ourselves to one another
The thing we must remember
Is that God loves us the same
He knows every one of our names


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