Faderhead Through This Pain (You Heal) Lyrics

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I disrespect you
Dissect you
Reject you
The second you start to speak
I try to see you
Low-key you
And be you
But you are way too boutique for me
You celebrate the world's mistakes
Cause you're so idle, you can't fail
You celebrate your worst mistakes
Cause you're an "idol" - you can't feel
I can't heal you from the pain
Through this pain you heal
And I can't keep you entertained
Boredom makes you feel
I can't wake you like cocaine
Cause you're deep in sleep
And I can't keep you entertained
Through this pain you heal

You never earn love
Confirm love
Return love
Cause it would force you to be
You will decide not
Confide not
But cry lots
Cause it's so easy to leave
Atoms & Emptiness Track Listing
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  • 4 Atoms & Emptiness
  • 5 When the Freaks Come Out
  • 6 Someone Else's Dream
  • 7 I Forget
  • 8 You Can't Resist
  • 9 Through This Pain (You Heal)
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  • 11 My Heart Is Safe
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