Madchild Tiger Blood Lyrics

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Yeah. What up? This is Mad Child. The little bad wolf. My hat game tight. My shoe game tight. I just need some more jeans

[Verse One]
It's the Vatican assassin
Mind of a warlock
Radical with passion
Lines when the doors lock
I'm never getting sick of myself
Cause I'm not from this particular molecular realm
First I'll kill you then I'll pack you in the back of my van
My vernacular's attackin' ya like Dracula's fangs
Pimp slap a rapper with the back of my hand
What else can I say? I'm spectacular man
I have your whole damn team fucking neutralized
I'm Freddie Kruger with a Luger to your book of lies
Have your whole House Slaughtered like Crooked I
Make a girl's mouth water when I'm walking by
Make her my concubine
Time to start the battle
I'm puttin' words together like playing a game of Scrabble
No time for dilly dally, no time for dibble dabble
I'll rip a rapper, crack a Snapple in his Adams Apple
I'm quick to wrap a lasso around these stupid assholes
Tell 'em that I'm back and I'm the new king of the castle
So now I'm international
They say I act irrational
Grocery shoppin' in my slippers and a fuckin' bathrobe

Drug filled nights with porn stars and orange bras
Smashed up hotel rooms and driving foreign cars
I'm superhuman I don't think that I'll die
Answer to a higher calling in a blink of an eye
I, I, I
Don't think that I'll die
Fireworks come out my mouth like it's the 4th of July
And I don't listen to these trolls they are so lame
I got tiger's blood running through my gold veins

[Verse Two]
I got a lot of personalities they're all on the ball
I'm trying to pull myself together cause divided we fall
I'm trying to make it to the top, I'm excited and all
But this is hard work, a lot of fuckin' writing involved
I got posters of Lil' Wayne and Eminem on my wall
I put 'em on a sliding door so I can hide 'em from y'all
I'm dusting off my board and waiting for a spider to crawl
I call my parents they're like, "Oh, look who decided to call."
I can't seem to get it right
Lot of crazy thoughts doin' laps through my head at night
Okay, yeah I know, I sound pathetic right?
Fuckin pathetic, must be, cause I just said it twice
These days I only go to God to get some good advice
When I spit a rap I hit you harder than a metal pipe
Harder than a hammer and I'm sharp as a machete slice
Rappers dustin' off their shoulders like they got a head of lice
(So cool man)
A bunch of fuckin' bozos
Listen to the verse I need to pop a couple No Doz
Hope you get the picture like a photo
Low pro
Plus I got the hunger of a hobo


[Verse Three]
I quit drugs, I had to stay strong
Most of my friends, yo I had to run away from
Now I'm Mr. Lonely like Akon
Shit brick, piss butane, and spit napalm
I'll leave you flat like a starfish
I'm trying to build an Enterprise like a Starship
While I keep spreading fire like an arsonist
So every show I do, they call the fire department
Insane asylums inside my apartment
You can complain but that's not my department
This is my turf
I'm a white Smurf
I keep throwing knuckle balls with a slight curve
Thinkin' to myself "Man, this might work"
Give it all I got, hope it doesn't take my life first
Used to have a tour bus, now we drive a caravan
Now I'm banned from anywhere that is American
Everyday I lose a couple extra hair strands
Couple steps away from karaoke and an air band


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