Vakill Til the World Blows Up Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
If scars was tattoos with better stories
So much trauma scribed on my melon mob you liable to find tribal design tumors
That contain best selling novels, so much pain cursed my adolescence
That I can count my outer blessings on one hand
I was shook to the bone when informed of the three slugs you took to the dome
Just slammed and broke the hook to the phone
Teared up and let a couple trickle
Before retaliation could start cops knocked him and slammed him with a double nickel
Twelve years later stil not complacent tools
I cock I'm pacing impatiently awaiting to snap off for obvious reasons
Grew up with G's who's hobby is squeezing, hell probably is freezing
Peep said it'd be a cold day before we part
Yeah you prone to violence, just not to start provoking acts
You was smarter folks than that, especially to lose your life
Over a Starter coat and hat, I'm stil heated so what
Your pain is my pain, until the world blows up

[Chorus 2X]
(Til the world blow up) I remain the same no matter life's obstacles
(Til the world blow up) I will shine for us all if it's quite possible
Til God calls me home and the caskets closed
And no longer can serenade my dogs with these classic flows

[Verse 2]
We were both raised studying rhymes and scriptures and the street rules to the game
And the game deeply embeds and tarnished jewels on your brain
The ghetto reflects us, from doo-rags to school metal detectors
To earning what you rightfully deserve is irrelevant
Cause now we only settle for extras, if not then jumped up charging
Got affiliates that shot at slumped up sergeants
Just to avoid trumped up charges, kept my head stern
Focused on these bars when you was knocked in arrest burned from ???
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