Obi Time Alone Will Tell Lyrics

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All these lives float on the wind
once there was original sin
like drops in the sea of life
we are here just to find our way back to the stars
God reaps all
all that he sows
why he does what he does nobody knows
I wanted to know when life is won
and when I ask he just laughed and said 'Son,
would you
could you
do this?'

Time alone will tell
Yeah time alone will tell
Diceman Lopez Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Fairground
  • 2 Creatures
  • 3 Incredible Jack
  • 4 Movers and Shakers
  • 5 Chewing at My Soul
  • 6 The Tale of Old Rodriguez
  • 7 Sleep Well Dear Friend
  • 8 Little Things
  • 9 Time Alone Will Tell
  • 10 The Sweetest Silver
  • 11 To Some Folk
  • 12 Plague on This House
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