Ian McNabb Too Close to the Sun Lyrics

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You flew too close too the sun, You touched almost everyone
You were young and you were special, had the hold world at your feet
You were like a shining light to all the people you would meet
And it feels a little colder down the dark end of the street
You flew too close too the sun, You knew some wars cannot be won
You conceded that your fragile heart was never meant to last
You decided you would make your mark, so brilliant and so fast
And it's so hard not too miss you now your sad, sweet life has past
You flew too close to the sun, I cried when I heard you were gone
Though it was not unexpected, I just had too hang my head
If I only could have reached you, if you' listened to what I'd said
May these Angel wings escort you from your sleepy, dreamin' bed
Too close to the sun, too close to the sun
Merseybeast Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Merseybeast
  • 2 Affirmation
  • 3 Beautiful Old Mystery
  • 4 Love's Young Dream
  • 5 Camaraderie
  • 6 Don't Put Your Spell on Me
  • 7 Heydays
  • 8 Little Bit of Magic
  • 9 You Stone My Soul
  • 10 Too Close to the Sun
  • 11 They Settled for Less Than They Wanted
  • 12 I'm a Genius
  • 13 Available Light
  • 14 Merseybeast (reprise)
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