Dead Infection Torn by the Lion Apart Lyrics

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formalities and even before three days went by they were able to find out the
secrets of the African jungle. Following their guide they entered the heart of
that exotic country. For the first time they could watch autochtons' ordinary
living and variety of flora just to meet their doom at the end of the road. A
lion jumped from behind the trees. Alas, that was not a dream. Father was the
first one to die. The lion bit a hand off. Before he died, his wife and child
watched him bleeding and screaming. The lion torn wife's bowels out and
mutilated unborn fetus. the guide tried to cover the child, but after a
while, his meat was all around the ground. The child escaped, but will he

A Chapter of Accidents Track Listing
  • 1 From the Anatomical Deeps
  • 2 Autophagia
  • 3 The End of Love
  • 4 Hospital
  • 5 Incident at Corsica
  • 6 Airplane's Catastrophe
  • 7 Little John's Story
  • 8 Her Heart in Your Hands
  • 9 Ambulance
  • 10 Colitis Ulcerosa
  • 11 Life in the Forest
  • 12 Fire in the Forest
  • 13 Damaged Elevator
  • 14 The Firing Ground
  • 15 Tragedy at the Railway-Station
  • 16 Don't Turn His Crushed Face on Me
  • 17 Torn by the Lion Apart
  • 18 The Merry-Go-Round
  • 19 Airplane Catastrophe
  • 20 MRU!
  • 21 Consequence
  • 22 Heart in Your Hands
  • 23 After Accident
  • 24 Sinful Life of Franciszek Bula
  • 25 The Merry-Go-Round
  • 26 Fire in the Forest
  • 27 Tragedy at Railway-Station
  • 28 [unknown]
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