Unbirth Towards Eternal Silence Lyrics

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I've seen with my own eyes what lies on the horizon
Desperation and sorrow swallow me again
Bleeding skies open towards me
I lie and rest
Waiting for your judgement I breathe in
Sons of men
Adepts of nothingness
You breed horrors
Conceive malignancy
The unborn demonic fetus claims his feeding
Inside a fiendish womb he knows
He awaits
I turn my eyes to a distant universe knowing the end is near
Within deep ruins evil takes its form
Will I bear all this ?Tongues lick my innumerable wounds
Self-inflicted bleeding, infected
It's the nightmare I face everyday in my dreams
A world without you made of eternal silence
Bleeding skies open towards me
I feel the dreadful passing of time
Beneath the lunacy of human vanity and even beyond the parasite hides under my skin
Mankind refuses to believe that a tomorrow won't exist anymore
World devourer
In your eyes only destruction

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