Four Year Strong Tread Lightly Lyrics

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Wait until the water breaks
When all mistakes will rise to the surface
Decide. Is it worth it?
To know that I will always feel like I'm

Holding my head under water
Keep me from taking another breath
It's a fight to the death
And still I keep thinking about
All I meant to tell you
I couldn't find the words to
So read the writing on the wall
It's wasted on you
If only I knew what you would drag me into

Another seconds passed
Another moment that I should have grabbed
But I was holding back and
I will never apologize
Forgive me if I don't sympathize cause I'm


[Verse 1]
All of my friends they warned me time and time again
And the time will come where one day I will listen
The seasons are finally changing
And I know where to go
You'll find me here
In my home town
Where I'll never be alone
Cause we know these roads like the back of our fists
That we smash right though the pain and the bullshit



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