Salem Hill Trigger Lyrics

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At last your bloody trail ends
In a dank and dirty dim lit dive
And oh how so fitting for your sorry grave
You'll never leave this place alive
You're not quite what I expected
You're small, sad, frail and afraid
But that doesn't change all the things that you've done
You'd better start saying a prayer

I pulled back the hammer so slowly
My stiffening finger prepared
And "Vengeance is Mine!" screamed the trigger
As badly-played blues filled the air

I know you don't know who I am
Your memory faded by years
But that doesn't matter as long as you die
This moment seen clearly through tears
His hands showed the trembling of terror
His eyes displayed pools of great pain
And all of the justifications I'd made
Were no longer clear in my brain

I found myself telling my story
To him who had caused me such pain
And "Vengeance is Mine!" screamed the trigger
Then outside it started to rain

I'll probably live to regret it
I let the poor murderer go
And "Vengeance is Mine!" screamed the trigger
But triggers are heartless and cold

The Robbery of Murder Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Overture
  • 2 Swerve
  • 3 When
  • 4 Someday
  • 5 Blame
  • 6 Dream
  • 7 Father and Son
  • 8 To the Hill
  • 9 Revenge
  • 10 Trigger
  • 11 Interlude
  • 12 Epilogue
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