Abhorrent Castigation Triumvirate of Evil Lyrics

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Old gods once arose
From sand, from blood, from fear
Grim and dreadful was their kind
A foe of man who devised them

Three gods
An unholy trinity
Just agony and fear
They bring in abundance

What is the real original sin?
What fool committed it?
Who has infected humanity?
With the triumvirate's toxin?

Conceived as saviors
They became the worst scourge
The reek of the corpse piles
Spread through the ages

Our blind faith
Makes our souls lame
Makes our hearts cold
A blind delusion that infests us

Our shaking swords
Thirst for blood
Our frenzy doesn't know friend from foe
Our gods ask for blood is all we know

The cross, the star, the moon
The marks of our disgrace
The marks of our downfall
If we don't want to be their downfall

The ghosts of the past
Fear the light
The light of our ascension
Let our light be their ruin

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