The Sugargliders Trumpet Play Lyrics

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Cold on the crest
Of a waver sea
Theres no one out here but the fish and me
Like I repeat just now just this song
Havent seen the show for so long

La la la la, la da da da du
Da da da da da
Ba ra ra ra rum, du du du ru da
La la la la, la da da da da

Dark city claw where we used to meet
You were in the band, knocked me off of my
Feet dancing lightly and voices soft
You caught me off guard, set my shirt tails on
Far on fire

In need of clear water I ran away
But I could still hear that trumpet play
Come on, play
We're All Trying to Get There Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Strong
  • 3 Seventeen
  • 4 Aloha Street
  • 5 Ahprahran
  • 6 Theme From Boxville
  • 7 Unkind
  • 8 Trumpet Play
  • 9 Will We Ever Learn
  • 10 Reinventing Penicillin
  • 11 90 Days of Moths and Rust
  • 12 Top 40 Sculpture
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