Unbirth Truth Beyond the Sands of Dogma Lyrics

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Umpteenth state of trance
I feel cold once again
Collapse of conscience
Visions from an unknown past
Ancestral possession
Senses paralyzed
Hidden dominion
Over-dimensional control
Inoculation of informations
Vital injection
Intravenous truth
Inducted awakening
My eyes see for the first time
It's an eternity froen in time
A supernatural call
A voice speaking from the infinite creeping under-skin
A young sun is warming my face
It's mere oxygen what I breathe
A dream more real than truth itself
Beyond dust of crumbled dogmas I behold my true roots
Rulers from the unknown plunge gold in our fathers' blood
It's a reality hidden in time, a deafening whisper
A voice speaking from the infinite waking up its servants

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