KaitO Try Me Out Lyrics

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Kept on my feet but I'm soaked to the knees. Except to try me out. Receptive tyre me out-I keep in mind. it's not working. Set in-between had this frequency. you're gonna brake me up you're gonna choke me up. all refined. It's not working. He's the cool he's the cool he's the coolestâ?¦.
Try to believe when you talk to me. ya gonna knock me out ya gonna take me out. I had this feelin it's not working. Let me excuse my emotional need to cut you dry you gonna let me down ALL THE TIME. It's not working.He's the cool he's the coolestâ?¦Why not try me out lie ..lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie all the time. It's not workin. Hiding beneath this luxury of soaking in-between. You keep it in-between. I keep in mind. It's not workin.

Why not shut me out Why not try me outâ?¦..â?¦..

Written by: David Lake, Dieta Quantrill, Gemma Cullingford, Nichola Samantha Ann Colk

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