sHEAVY Ultraglide Lyrics

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Been down this road too many times
Worst of all it seems I still
Can't find the way
A perfect smile, a restless gaze
Everything it seems reminds me of those days

What's locked away will never come apart
Like the memories that
Echo in my heart
Another place, another time
Now yesterday becomes the thing I left behind

Ask the questions and you'll see
Who you are and what you'll be
Cause I don't know the answers
Dare to dream and you will find
All the things that free your mind
But you don't know me
And now I've lost my way

This time the voices seem so far away
A quiet moment where
The words could never say
The endless miles, a special place
Where all the secrets find a way to hide their face

When is it time to say the last goodbye?
So hard to find with all the laughter
That we've shared
Another night, a brighter sky
I wish you all the love that this world can't deny
Synchronized Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Firebird350
  • 2 Last of the V8 Interceptors
  • 3 Next Exit to Vertigo
  • 4 Part of the Machine
  • 5 Synchronized
  • 6 Invasion of the Micronauts
  • 7 Kill Queens Go Disco
  • 8 Ultraglide
  • 9 AFX... Thrown for a Loop
  • 10 Set Phasers to Stun
  • 11 The Time Machine
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