Hammerbox Under the Moon Lyrics

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You see her passing by
You wonder where she comes from
friends say she passes at night
and it's somewhere under the moon

though she's a thousand faces
she's shown you hers before
unforgettable the time you spent
and it was somewhere under the moon

Into another world she took away for awhile
blue was the color she wore and it covered you´╗┐ under the moon
look for her in a crowd
you know she's there somewhere
you'll wait for her until the end
but are you ready for the end of the moon
Hammerbox Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Bred
  • 2 Size of the World
  • 3 When 3 Is 2
  • 4 We
  • 5 Ask Why
  • 6 Under the Moon
  • 7 Texas Ain't So Bad, Really
  • 8 Their Given Voice
  • 9 Woke Up
  • 10 Kept House
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