Madchild Underground King Lyrics

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I am alone, i am not lonely.
I'm a dangerous demented fuck, in a truck dented up, venting cuz im bent from drinking caffeine in a vented cup.
Walk into a club look at me like " you dont belong here ", they run away like im a motherfucker bomb scare.
Harsh dark cartoon character, walk threw the park sharp harpoon carrier.
The kids vicious like a pit-bull terrier, rip a subject from the Czech republic to Bulgaria.
Course im scary, pirate with a fortune buried right beside him, mortuary ridding threw an orchard on a horse and carriage.
I left the gangs because im sick of all the conduct, they want to kill me like im fucking joker from la honda.
looking for the light but i see trouble done yanda,
split personality so im a double entendre, they try to pull me down, i severed the knots, now im a rebel you gone revel in these devilish thoughts.

My mouth is full of fireworks like its July fourth, life force look at my reflection like a mind warp, time warp giant iron dwarf on a iron horse, ridding high up in the sky above a lying crying corpse.
lets decide im a restless lion with the best design, hard wired barb wired fence, im electrifying, mystifying, metal fists are flying from a chest of iron, petrifying all you little insects im pesticide. Just been fired, for being the least admired, im a beast in fire, i make a golden reach and teach for filling each desire. Introverted hermit, turn myself into a true artist, these kids retarded they just party a they spew garbage, your not a real gangster your not a crack dealer, why the rest feel like they gotta rap like drake or mac miller, not me, rap immaculately, im spectacular, Dracula, im a fucking wacko that's a track killer.

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